CV [ pdf ]


Florencia Reali

Department of Psychology
5427 Tolman Hall 
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94706


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My research combines behavioral experiments and probabilistic models to study various aspects of language learning and processing. The methods that I have used include human experimentation, computational analysis of linguistic corpora and theoretical models implemented in computer simulations

At Berkeley I work with Tom Griffiths 

At Cornell I have worked with  Morten Christiansen and Michael Spivey.

Language Acquisition and Processing

Reali, F. & Griffiths, T.L., (submitted). The evolution of frequency distributions: Relating regularization to inductive biases through iterated learning.

Christiansen, M.H., Dale, R., & Reali, F. (in press). Connectionist explorations of multiple-cue integration in syntax acquisition. In S. Johnson (Ed.), NYBUG.

Reali, F., & Christiansen, M.H. (2007). Processing of relative clauses is made easier by frequency of occurrence. Journal of Memory and Language, 53, 1-23.  [abstract ].

Reali, F., &Christiansen, M.H. (2007). Word-chunk frequencies affect the processing of pronominal object-relative clauses. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 60, 161-170.[abstract ]

Reali, F., & Christiansen, M. H. (2005). Uncovering the richness of the stimulus: Structural dependence and indirect statistical evidence. Cognitive Science, 29, 1007-1028.[abstract ].  

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Reali, F., Christiansen, M.H.  & Monaghan, P. (2003). Phonological and Distributional Cues in Syntax Acquisition: Scaling up the Connectionist Approach to Multiple-Cue Integration. In Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum [abstract].

Christiansen M.H., Reali F., Monaghan P., Chater N. (2003). Language Acquisition through Multiple-Cue Integration: Differential Contribution of Phonological and Distributional Cues. Paper presented at the Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing, Glasgow, U.K.

Language Evolution

Chater, N., Christiansen, M. H., & Reali, F. (submitted). Is coevolution of language and language genes possible? 

Reali, F., & Christiansen, M. H. (in press). The relative role of biological and linguistic adaptation in language evolution: A computational approach. To appear in Interaction Studies.

Christiansen, M., Reali, F., & Chater, N. (2006) The Baldwin effect works for functional but not arbitrary features of language (pp. 27-34). In A. Cangelosi, A.D.M. Smith and K. Smith (Eds.) The Evolution of Language. Toh Tuck Link Singapore: Word Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd [pdf ].  

Representation of Vision and Language

Reali, F., Spivey, M., Tyler, M., & Terranova, J. (2006). Inefficient conjunction search made efficient by concurrent spoken delivery of target identity. Perception and Psychophysics, 68, 959-974.

Valle-Lisboa, J.C, Reali, F., Anastasía, H., & Mizraji, E. (2005). Elman topology with sigma-pi units: an application to the modeling of verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia, Neural Networks, 18 (7), 863-877.