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By Sucholutsky, I.
Marjieh, R., Sucholutsky, I., van Rijn, P., Jacoby, N., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). What language reveals about perception: Distilling psychophysical knowledge from large language models. 45th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. (pdf)
Oktar, K., Sucholutsky, I., Lombrozo, T., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). Dimensions of disagreement: Unpacking divergence and misalignment in cognitive science and artificial intelligence. (preprint)
Peng, A., Sucholutsky, I., Li, B., Sumers, T., Griffiths, T., Andreas, J., & Shah, J. (2023). Learning with language-guided state abstractions. RSS Workshop on Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots. (pdf)
Rane, S., Ho, M., Sucholutsky, I., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). Concept alignment as a prerequisite for value alignment. AAAI 2024 Bridge on Collaborative AI and Modeling of Humans. (pdf)
Sucholutsky, I., Battleday, R., Collins, K., Marjieh, R., Peterson, J. C., Singh, P., Bhatt, U., Jacoby, N., Weller, A., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). On the informativeness of supervision signals. Proceedings of the 39th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. (pdf)
Sucholutsky, I., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). Alignment with human representations supports robust few-shot learning. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 37. (pdf)
Sucholutsky, I., Muttenthaler, L., Weller, A., Peng, A., Bobu, A., Kim, B., Love, B. C., Grant, E., Achterberg, J., Tenenbaum, J. B., Collins, K. M., Hermann, K. L., Oktar, K., Greff, K., Hebart, M. N., Jacoby, N., Marjieh, R., Geirhos, R., Chen, S., Kornblith, S., Rane, S., Konkle, T., O'Connell, T. P., Unterthiner, T., Lampinen, A. K., Müller, K.-R., Toneva, M., & Griffiths, T. L. (2023). Getting aligned on representational alignment. (preprint)
Malaviya, M., Sucholutsky, I., Oktar, K., & Griffiths, T. L. (2022). Can Humans Do Less-Than-One-Shot Learning? Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. (pdf)
Marjieh, R., Sucholutsky, I., Sumers, T. R., Jacoby, N., & Griffiths, T. L. (2022). Predicting Human Similarity Judgments Using Large Language Models. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. (pdf)

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